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Computer Graphics

Spring 2011     -    Prof. William H. Hsu

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11:30am - 12:20am Room 127 Nichols Hall

Problem Sets and Programming Assignments (Last updated 13 Feb 2011)  

Lab Assignments (Last updated 13 Feb 2011)  

Homework submission procedure:

Upload problem sets to your KSOL drop box (typed PDF or scans of handwritten solutions are both acceptable), except for PS1, which you may submit by attachment to CIS736TA-L, using the KSOL drop box, or in hard copy.

Turn in machine problems as a single .zip or .tgz file uploaded to your KSOL drop box.

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Page created: 19 Jan 2008
Last updated: 05 Mar 2008
William H. Hsu, CIS 636/736 instructor