This program is for authorized KDD Member use only!

Please READ below

If things are working properly, a java client is downloading to your system right now and will start a new window with a secure login program momentarily.

When it starts, it will already have the kdd systems hostname entered into it. Simply press enter to initiate a connection.

If you see an error about not being able to save the hostkey, please ignore this. The error is because the web browser restricts java programs from having access to your hard drive, and so midnterm can't store the hostkey it finds.

On most webbrowsers, you will be able to leave this web page and enter another, and mindterm will continue to run. If you exit your web browser, mindterm will halt.

Many of the features of this program are disabled, because it is now being launched as an applet.

If you would like some of these features, such as secure file copy (scp) and the ability to connect to multiple different hosts, you will need to download and run the java file as a standalone program on you own system.

If you need any assistance at all, please email

This version is only for use with Netscape browsers version >= 4.06 on all platforms but Macintosh. The reason for this is that earlier versions of Netscape have an incomplete java-runtime (and ALL versions of Netscape on Macintosh have the same incomplete java-version).

Click here, if you want to download the java archive so you may run MindTerm standalone.

Mindterm is created by Mindbright. Their web site is