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June 23, 2010: SentiWordNet?, a lexical resource for opinion mining is available and can be downloaded from File Galleries

November 24, 2009: TAC 2009 Summary TAC

September 22, 2009: Location Extraction team has posted a new page with information regarding disambiguation. Location Module: Disambiguation

September 11, 2009: The KDD Orientation Guide has been updated with links to the bookmarks file and the Penguinet profiles.

August 13, 2009: To-Do List of the Spatial Data Mining subgroup has been updated.

August 03, 2009: To Do List for Disease Extractor Team (Team Leader: GRA - Svitlana Volkova; Undergraduate students: John Drouhard, Landon Fowles)

July 29, 2009: Presentation for IPR Meeting has been finished and uploaded. Additional Slides with examples of visualization tools were submitted.

July 13, 2009: DSSI'09 Final Talk has been presented by Svitlana Volkova to Dr. Chengxiang Zhai and Dr. Jiawei Han.

July 2, 2009: To-Do List of the geospatial event extraction subgroup has been updated.

Apr 04 2009: White papers on Informatics Science are available for update. Predictive Modeling Human Language Technology

Mar 23, 2009: Brief introductory tutorial for service implementation was created, please check it and correct/criticize/add to it Mar 23, 2009: To-Do List for spatial clustering and annotation has been updated. Mar 08, 2009: To-do List for Temporal view and Date extraction has been updated To-do List

Feb 12, 2009: KDD Group Contact List is available for your personal update online (if your information is absent, please add it or if your information is out of date, please update it) KDD Group Contact List Feb 12, 2009: Presentation schedule for KDD Group Meeting is available online KDD Group Presentation Schedule, Spring 2009.

Feb 12, 2008: The job postings page has been updated with information on the 2008 Data Sciences Summer Institute (DSSI). Feb 12, 2008: The job postings page has been updated with the hiring notices for the undergrad research programmer positions and undergrad sysadmin position. Feb 11, 2008: The KDD group welcomes Imran Hameed, a new undergraduate research programmer. Feb 04, 2008: The KDD group welcomes John Drouhard, a new undergraduate research programmer.

Jan 24, 2008: Job Posting Available Jan 23, 2008: Page Template and CSS done. Enjoy! Jan 15, 2008: Page updated to reflect information in http://www.kddresearch.org

General Information About KDD Group Members Affiliate Organizations

Job Opportunities Current positions Looking for a graduate research assistantship at the KDD Lab? Read this first! New grad student interested in KDD? Read this? next. Working toward a Ph.D. in CS at KSU? Please read the advice column from Professor David A. Schmidt.

Resources Resources on the Web Bookmarks Systems

Projects UIUC/K-State Data Sciences Summer Institute (DSSI) Leap-KMC LJMiner NABC BIO GEC Angband



Courses and Recommended Reading

  • CIS 530?: Principles of Artificial Intelligence
  • CIS 560?: Database System Concepts
  • CIS 730: Artificial Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Second Edition, S. J. Russell and P. Norvig. Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN: 0137903952
  • CIS 732? (formerly CIS 798): Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Learning, T. M. Mitchell. McGraw-Hill?, 1997. ISBN: 0070428077
  • CIS 830?: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning, T. M. Mitchell. McGraw-Hill?, 1997. ISBN: 0070428077
  • CIS 636/736?: Computer Graphics
    • Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Second Edition in C, J. D. Foley, A. vanDam, S. K. Feiner, and J. F. Hughes. Addison-Wesley?, 1996. ISBN: 0201848406
  • CIS 690?: Implementation of High-Performance? Data Mining Systems
    • Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques with Java Implementations, I. H. Witten and E. Frank. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1996. ISBN: 1558605525

Affiliated Research Groups Machine Learning Probabilistic Reasoning High-Performance Computing and Networking / Systems Administration Machine Learning in Java (MLJ) Developer Group Bayesian Network Tools (BN-Tools) Developer Group KDD Group Undergraduate Students KDD Group Graduate Students KDD Group Alumni KSU CIS Honors Students and Advisors KSU Engineering and Science Summer Institute (ESSI) Robotics and Intelligent Agents Graphics and Visualization Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction (HCII) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) Soft Computing KSU Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Digital Libraries (DL) and Information Retrieval (IR) Precision Agriculture Real-Time Embedded Systems (RTES) Quantum Computing (QC) Artificial Neural Networks and Computational Brain Theory (ANNCBT) Bioinformatics / Medical Informatics

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