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MSE Project Entity Search

MSE Project for Eric Davis

KDD-Research Entity Search Tool (KREST)

The KDD Research Entity Search Tool is an application which provides a new way of searching the internet. It allows the user to crawl the web from any starting point, to perform web searches, and to perform entity searches. Entity searches allow the user to search for distinct pieces of information rather than having to wade through numerous web pages to find the information that they want.

MSE Committee: Dr. William Hsu Dr. Scott Deloach Dr. David Gustafson

Project Dates: 08/2007 - 05/2008

Phase 1 Documents Presentation 1: 11/13/2007

Phase 2 Documents Presentation 2: 02/13/2008

Phase 3 Documents Presentation 3: 04/21/2008

MSE Portfolio (Note: Download all three parts then unzip the zip file)

Time Log

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