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XNA Game MSE Project

Brad Kurtz MSE Project

"Hax" XNA Game

The purpose of this project is to develop a fully functioning Xbox 360 game using XNA Game Studio 4.0. The game, "Hax", is an arcade style, 2D twin-stick shooter from a top-down perspective, much like Geometry Wars or Smash TV.

MSE Committee:

  • Dr. William Hsu
  • Dr. Dan Andresen
  • Dr. Mitch Neilsen

Project Dates: 1/2011 - 5/2011

Phase 1 Documents

Presentation 1: 3/18/2011

Phase 2 Documents:

Presentation 2: 4/28/2011

Phase 3 Documents:

Presentation 3: 5/12/2011

MSE Portfolio:

Time Log

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