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Welcome to

The LJMiner Project Page


22 JAN 2007

The CIS Systems Support page (http://support.cis.ksu.edu) contains a general guide and a "recent events" section. Please check this page regularly for updates and look for documentations in the Guide to CIS Systems and New Guide to the CIS Department.

Before emailing support@cis.ksu.edu or help@cis.ksu.edu for help, check this page. Before emailing beocat@cis.ksu.edu for help, check the Beocat documentation subpage (http://support.cis.ksu.edu/BeocatDocs).

For a list of systems maintained by the CIS sysadmins, see: http://support.cis.ksu.edu/UserGuide/Facilities/ComputingLabs.

16 Jan 2007

Welcome to our central repository for collective KDD Wisdom, KDD members. It is intended that this site serve as a permanent place for KDD knowledge, news, and information. You are all encouraged contribute your experience to the site and you can edit, add, improve, or even clean up obsolete entries wherever you like. Others, like myself, are eager to learn from your contributions!

This site is further intended to complement the KDD listserv. Whereas the listserv is perfect for ephemeral or temporally significant information, this Tiki is better suited for more permanent information. And remember, you'll only get out of it what you put into it. Literally! It's the product of volunteered contribution, so without volunteers...



  • Conferencing Tools - Learn what conferencing tools are recommended for project participants, where to find them, how to install and configure them, and how we use them.

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