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Secure Logins (Last updated 24 Oct 2001)

KDD Documentation and Sample Files (Last updated 13 Sep 2008)

Related Pages (Last updated 26 Jun 2001)
  • Data mining, ANNs, Bayesian networks, GAs (maintained by W. Hsu, Kansas State University and NCSA)
    This page emphasizes data mining applications and numerical learning systems such as artificial neural networks, Bayesian networks, and genetic and evolutionary computation.
    (Temporarily offline, use this mirror instead.)
  • Machine learning resource page (maintained by D. Aha, Naval Research Lab)
    This page is the most comprehensive machine learning resource guide on the web. It covers applications and experimental data sets as well as professional organizations, tutorials, and publications.
  • Machine learning resource page (maintained by A. Blum, Carnegie-Mellon University)
    This page is more of a meta-index and primarily covers local (CMU) resources.

Class Pages (Last updated 01 Dec 2001)

MLC++ Resources (Last updated 21 Nov 2001)

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