The Red Songbook of Westmarch

Bagronk the Happy Orc

Banazir (William H. Hsu)

Denise Plourde

Dlanod the Sparkly Nazgūl


Gondhir (Graham Lockwood), Dwarf Lord of the Locked Wood

Hashberry (Mia Kalogjera, aka Jereeza the Belly-Dancing Nazgūl)


Michael Cole

O. Sharp, Keeper of the Flying Moose of Nargothrond, Tolkien parodist extraordinaire

Öjevind Lång, Agent D6 of TEUNC, Were-Boar of Fennoscandia

Pradera, Shogun of Balrog Cuttings

Raven (Jon Lennart Beck)


Stevie Ray Vonnegut

Tamfiiris C. Glorulokė

Tripitaka Dharmācārya aka Sanzang Fuoshi aka Hsüan-tsang (David Salo)

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